Desert Dunes

Had the best couple of days shooting over in the Wild West of Australia. 

We were given the full aussie welcome and hospitality from local Tim, complete with bikini clad Swedish backpacker sun baking assistant. Couldn't have come across a better duo of info and help!



Setting up before sunrise


Our speedy dune transport. 


Hailey Baldwin for Gritty Pretty BTS Video.

I shot Hailey Baldwin at the very end of her trip down under just over a week ago. It was the quickest shoot Ive been on, it rained to make thing even trickier! She had to leave for the airport at 9am so you can imagine what time we had to get up.

Thankfully we had a great team and everyone brought their A game. Make Up by by Filomena, Hair by Renya. Big thanks to the girls from Gritty Pretty, Eleanor and Morgan!

Here's a behind the scenes look shot by Tom Stockwell.


JESSICA . Personal Project

In between shooting for my clients I sometimes get a chance to put together a shoot of my own where I get to work with some faves and together we make the magic happen.

I recently shot this story with the bombshell, Jessica Lee Buchanan while she was out here from South Africa, and collaborated with Max May, Marina Didovich & MyViolet to create these shots.

We based the shoot vibe on my usual black and white portrait style but this time left the colour in!

Hope you love 'em!



ASILIO  camisole

ASILIO camisole

House of CB  bodysuit

House of CB bodysuit

ASILIO  dress,  Cappellazzo Couture  corset
Bordelle dress from  Baby Likes to Pony

Bordelle dress from Baby Likes to Pony

Pleasure State  bra, Bordelle harness and knickers from  Baby Likes to Pony

Pleasure State bra, Bordelle harness and knickers from Baby Likes to Pony

Bordelle knickers and garter belt from  Baby Likes to Pony

Bordelle knickers and garter belt from Baby Likes to Pony

Pleasure State  robe & knickers

Pleasure State robe & knickers

Bordelle bra from  Baby Likes to Pony ,  Lonely  high waist knicker

Bordelle bra from Baby Likes to Pony, Lonely high waist knicker

IRO  tee, Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier dress from  Cara Mia Vintage

IRO tee, Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier dress from Cara Mia Vintage

Polaroid 665 Packet

Here's my shot that went into the Personal exhibition at Sun tonight. When my RZ67 was my work horse I shot a load of 665. It was black and white and produced a positive and a negative! It was amazing. Silvery blacks and FINE grain. Perfect for larger prints as the neg was almost double the size of a 6x7cm that the RZ produced. 

I shot most of the 665 on my Konica Instant press. A beauty of a camera.

When the 665 Type was discontinued like most other polaroid I bought a bunch from B&H and had then shipped over ready for that special project. I stored them lovingly in my fridge for that day for years. When the time came I did a test run for light and to my dismay the polaroid burst apart when I pulled the tag from the polaroid back.....Dried, torn and broken.

Naively I tried the next one in the pack, same result. Opened another box. Same polaroid confetti!

So this shot is my last gasp effort at remembering that format I once loved so much. Ive still got the Konica so hopefully one day The Impossible Project will bring back the glory days.


Setting Up

One of the many pluses of my job is the endless supply of new gadgets and gear I get to experiment with daily.  

Moving slowly in to the motion area has opened up a new avalanche of gadget glory! 

Here you see a 20 x 20 Foot scrim we are setting up ready for some sun shaping. Haven't ever used one before, it's basically a sail in the wind so more is more when talking about sand bags to hold it steady!



From the Air

If you ever visit Queenstown or Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand you've certainly made it to one of the most beautiful regions in the world.  

Ive been there three times for work. Two of those times I was lucky enough to go up in a helicopter to reach our locations.  

The view from the air is SPECTACULAR. The terrain that you cover flying out to Milford Sound changes constantly and is like traveling over different worlds. The scale, textures and colours are beautiful. 

Its not cheap to go above the clouds but it's worth every single cent. You will not be disappointed.



Marie. Fresh Faced. Wanaka NZ

Snapped this pic of Marie fresh off the helicopter after we landed at one of the deer hunter lodges on the Minaret Station. One of my favourite days on location shooting. Every element of an outdoor shoot in a remote cold location fell in to place perfectly, even down to the fact the guys from Minaret flew out there at first light to light the fire for us in the lodge. Amazing service!