Polaroid 665 Packet

Here's my shot that went into the Personal exhibition at Sun tonight. When my RZ67 was my work horse I shot a load of 665. It was black and white and produced a positive and a negative! It was amazing. Silvery blacks and FINE grain. Perfect for larger prints as the neg was almost double the size of a 6x7cm that the RZ produced. 

I shot most of the 665 on my Konica Instant press. A beauty of a camera.

When the 665 Type was discontinued like most other polaroid I bought a bunch from B&H and had then shipped over ready for that special project. I stored them lovingly in my fridge for that day for years. When the time came I did a test run for light and to my dismay the polaroid burst apart when I pulled the tag from the polaroid back.....Dried, torn and broken.

Naively I tried the next one in the pack, same result. Opened another box. Same polaroid confetti!

So this shot is my last gasp effort at remembering that format I once loved so much. Ive still got the Konica so hopefully one day The Impossible Project will bring back the glory days.