Coolangatta, QLD.

I love the pic we shot here. We got there at the perfect time as the sun snuck over the top of the rocks in the morning and lit the sand and water a little.

I pretty much always shoot tethered to the computer. It gives me quick access to the images on the screen without having to download individual memory cards. For me this helps with the flow of the day. We can adjust composition/hair&make up/styling instantly which gets us to the 'perfect' shot faster.

Tane shot this pic.

Duncs and Tobu.

Going through the archive of pics for the blog I came across a lot of my assistant and digi operator together. Tobias and Duncan worked together with me for about two years. We had some good times in a lot of places, Tane has taken Tobias' place now and is along for the ride. I'm sure there will be enough pics soon to do an update!

Fiji. Checking out the view from the only spot on the island that our phones got reception!

Last light of the first day of the location search on Santorini.

Researching the water temperature in Thailand.

On the other side of Santorini.