The Blanket Family. Todos Santos, Mexico.

On the drive to Todos Santos from Los Cabos we came across this little blanket stall on the side of the road. We were headed to "Art and Beer" a little gallery/bar shack run by a hippy couple. The blanket family lived next door in a caravan with a shed that housed the rug weaving aparatus and all raw materials.

They were an amazing family, so happy and hard working. The kids manned the stalls, their parents emerged form the work shed after a while to see what the gringos had bought. Once I spotted the 'rug maker', the lady gave me a demo of the wooden machine that was a mass of strings and pulleys.

We stayed there for ages swapping broken english stories, with a few hand gestures thrown in to really get the translation across. The dad was a classic.

I did buy a blanket, it's on my couch.