Alpine Helicopters, Wanaka NZ

The guys at Alpine flew us to the Minaret Station Hunters Lodge to shoot a story for Grazia.
Couldn't have had a better day. One of the most beautiful spots I've ever had the privilege of shooting.
Originally a deer hunters shelter during the summer months back in the 50's before the use of helicopters changed the whole industry in the 60's.

Bedarra Island. Far North Queensland

After a long wait I finally was lucky enough to shoot at this little gem just off the coast from Mission Beach, QLD.
Ive always love the pictures from this tiny island and hoped I'd get there one day. It sits next to Dunk Island which is a 20 minute boat ride from the mainland. We also shot at Beaver Cay which is an even tinier sand spit 90 mins out to sea.

Carbone. NYC

Spending Christmas in New York City this year and have found my new favourite restaurant. CARBONE.

Surprisingly there are two in the city, make no mistake, this one is on Thompson Street. 181 to be exact.

The menu is designed to share and there were some real beauties on it.
The Ragu and Lobster Ravioli were stand outs as appetisers.

Chilli Ribs and the steamed fish were my faves for mains.

Check it out if you get a chance!
Thanks Elyse and Kyra.